Your Purpose in Life is To Find Your Purpose And Give Your Whole Heart and Soul To It

Agbo Okwudili Paul
4 min readNov 27, 2023
Photo by Slav Romanov on Unsplash emotional intelligence will point out to your purpose in life in different ways but they will be saying the thing

In absence of a goal in life, you will not know what to do.

It is important to understand the importance of your existence.

When you try to think about what is the mission or purpose of your life, you may not get a clear picture of it. We lack clarity and intelligence of finding our real purpose.

It is possible that you may have many goals in your life and may not be able to identify the real one, specific to you. How to bring that one mission out of your mind that will lead you to success? What will happen if you are not able to relate to your dreams? What is next?

Important Info

Your connection with reality may be the foundation of your purpose. Not having decided purpose in life does not mean you do not have one. It is not something you will just wake up to, one day. You have to work hard to determine it. You may not have the option of choosing it, as you have many choice. Many of the choice may not even be genuine.

While targeting your purpose you will have to exhibit the ability to perceive it. You need to create a method to achieve your purpose, steps that will lead you to your purpose in life. These methods and processes get you the answer to your question and make you say, “This is it!"

Once you determine your goal you work towards achieving it passionately. So the first step is to go with your emotional intelligence because it will help you identify your purpose correctly.

There is how you go about it:

  1. You need something to write down, like a piece of paper or word processor in your computer.
  2. At the top of the page jot down, “What is the real purpose of my life?"
  3. Whatever answer comes to your mind write it down. It may be short a short phrase and not a properly framed sentence as an answer.
  4. Keep on repeating step three, until you have tears of joy on finding the purpose of your life.

This is what you have been struggling to find. Your profession will not matter. To some, this may make sense and others may find it to be senseless. The purpose of our life will be clear to us because of social training on the subject and the brain does not take more than 15–20 minutes to clear the mess in our mind. Your unconscious and conscious mind will send fales message.

However, once you have found the true purpose, you feel like it has come from another world.

Applying logic and reasoning to find out what are your views on life is another method. It will be easy for you to do this if you are more precise and immaculate. The other way around is to use logic and reason to work for your situation. It will be easy if you are more exact and clear in your thoughts.

Apply your total context of the real situation on yourself, to find out your real purpose in life.

Try to understand where you stand in your present understanding of reality.

This is a very simple way to follow and hence easy to miss it. What you are doing is, understanding your view on your approach of life and turning those into your qualities.

Where you stand in your present interpretation of a situation in life, to discover your goal, you need to find out. Your total context of reality represent yourself and this helps you understand your purpose in life.

The ideas you have about life makes your personality if you have a negative attitude towards life that means you are a negative person. When you are clear about your ideas, you will find the purpose of life, which is achievable and reasonable. It is like a hologram. When you cut a piece of it, the entire picture is still in the smaller piece. You are like a piece and the whole of the hologram is the reality.

You will find that something is wrong when you have wrong ideas about yourself in your mind so, this technique will discover what problems you have about the motions of reality. Both techniques will help you find out your purpose and to know where they lead you.

If you have a healthy context, you will get results by applying both the techniques. You will find out that the rational and emotional intelligence will point out to your purpose in life in different ways but they will be staying the same thing.