The Common Denominator

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In a group of fractions

By Claude M. Bristol

One of the discoveries in the research on self-made millionaires is the finding that most of the start off with little or no money. Most of them start off by saving their money carefully for a long time until they have enough to start a small enterprise or business. Some of the biggest companies in America were started on a kitchen table or in a garage, like the Hewlett-Packard Company or Apple Computer. Some of the newest millionaires in America come from the field of multilevel marketing. Working from home, they paid $50 for a sample kit and went out to work. They sold something, made a profit, reinvested their profits, grew larger, and eventually achieved financial independence.

In Dr. Thomas Stanley’s interviews with self-made millionaires, he discovered their common denominator of success. The most important quality that self-made millionaires used to explain their success was the habit of hard,hard work.

Self-made millionaires work much harder than the average person. They start earlier, work harder, and stay later. According to many studies and interviews, self-made millionaires work an average of 59 hours per week. Some work considerably more, especially at the beginning.

< Change your thinking, change your life

The average employed person puts in about 40 hours per week on the job, but only about 32 hours of that is officially working time. Fully 50 percent of time spent at work is wasted in idle socializing with co-workers, personal telephone calls, and personal business. Average employees start a little later, take long coffee breaks and lunch hours, and leave a little earlier. Even managers privately report that they spend fully half of the time they are at work doing things that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the job.

Only about 5 percent of people working today work full-time on their jobs from the time they begin each day until the time they finish. These people are the ones on the fast track in their careers. They are moving upward and onward, getting paid more and being promoted faster. They are the movers and shakers in every business, and everyone knows who they are.

< Change your thinking, change your life

(1) Organize your day so that you come in and get started one hour earlier than your co-workers. Work through lunchtime, and stay one hour later.

(2) Work all the time you work. Don’t waste a minute. If someone tries to distract you, say you have to get back to work, and then do it.

(3) Look under your own feet for your personal acres of diamonds, opportunities to add more value right where you are. What could they be?

(4) Resolve today to become financial independent. Become a student of money, wealth accumulation, and wealth creation. Becoming rich is a skill that you can learn.

(5) Begin today to implement the 40 plus Formula in your daily work life. Work on your job, or work on yourself to get better at what you do, 50 to 60 hours each week. Put yourself on the side of the angels.

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